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Refined sake Mount Akagi
Refined sake Mount Akagi
Kondo brewing and Mount Akagi
Kamekichi Kondo who was (1875), the founder trained the Oma, Gunma town to do underflow water of Mount Akagi commencing with brewing business by a name of "Tanakaya" in 1875 and was particular about water solely for hot.  
It releases it as "Akagi" to be located in the foot of Mount Akagi. I changed my name to "the Akagi sword Masamune" later, and put it together in beautiful moon Mount Akagi by having liked the moon in the times of the third generation and changed my name to "Mount Akagi".  
The training water of the Akagi foot of a mountain is most suitable for **, hot. In the hometown, warming "dies from liquor Mount Akagi of the man"; cold; is drunk habitually so as to be said to be "Mount Akagi straight storage liquor" if I hate it.   
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Refined sake Mount Akagi
Kondo brewing
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TEL. 0277-72-2221 / FAX. 0277-73-1603 [business hours] from 9:00 to 17:00 (Sundays and holidays fixed closing day)
●After the liquor became 20 years old ●The drink-driving is prohibited by a law
●The drinking of the period of lactation during the pregnancy might adversely affect the growth of a fetus, the baby