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This Akagisan dance-like brewing hot

 Used brewing suitable rice (dance style) from Gunma; is right liquor of the local production for local consumption. 

This Akagisan dance-like brewing hot
Retail price 1.8L 1,990 yen 720 ml 900 yen (tax-included)
I sell a Gunma product U.S. dance style and this Akagisan dance-like brewing using the underflow water of the Akagisan.
It is the aged liquor that low temperature stored the liquor which I fitted in winter.
It is quality of liquor to drink, and to get tired, and not to have that taste is mellow.
You buy this liquor, and ask the retail store of the dealership directly.
As a number includes a limit, forgive me at the time of sellout.

Competition for four season - drink set -

I compete in the drink that can taste the flavor of ... four seasons a little and set it at the four season.
Now on sale!
ContentsAutumn (the purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice), winter (great brewing sake from the finest rice), spring (this special brewing), summer (hot)
Inner capacity*4 180 ml
Price (the total sum)1,800 yen
Kondo brewing
1002, Omamachoomama, Midori-shi, Gunma
TEL. 0277-72-2221
FAX. 0277-73-1603

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