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Notices from Kondoshuzo

Welcome to the homepage of ≪Kondoshuzo≫.
 "Akagisan" is produced in Gunma, which has high-quality water and a climate suitable for sake brewing, and was created by the toji and craftsmen who are particular about sake. Thanks to that dedication and your daily patronage, we were able to win the gold prize at the National New Sake Review again this year.
 We will continue to make better sake based on our experience so far, so please continue to support us in the future.

About ordering alcohol!

Thank you for always using our online shop.
○ We only accept cash on delivery for online orders.
*If cash on delivery is not available due to mid-year gifts or gifts,If you do not want to use cash on delivery, you can place your order by phone or by fax.Please feel free to use.

●Telephone reception:TEL 0277-72-2221
<Reception hours 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. In addition, there are company holidays such as Obon and year-end and New Year holidays)>
If you purchase from a mobile phone or smartphone, there is a risk that you may not receive our emails due to spam settings, so please be sure to specify the domain below and set it to receive emails before purchasing.

● Fax reception:FAX 0277-73-1603
  <24 hours>
Kondoshuzo Co., Ltd.
1002, Omamachoomama, Midori-shi, Gunma
FAX: 0277-73-1603

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