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SDGs Initiatives

SDGs Kondoshuzo Initiatives
 KONDO SHUZO CO., LTD. - SDGs Declaration
Kondoshuzo supports the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" advocated by the United Nations and will actively work towards the realization of a sustainable society.
Kondoshuzo contributes to the resolution of social issues as set by SDGs, as a company beloved by many people including our local community, through the production and sale of refined Akagisan. Since our founding in Meiji 8 (1875), through the production of sake and its delivery to many people, we have worked towards business that connects to local contributions. We will continue to aim for cooperation with our logistical business partners and rice farmers, and aim for a sustainable and bright future.
CEO Yuichiro Kondo

What are SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)?

Sustainable Development Goals
SDGs are "Sustainable Development Goals", which are international goals adopted at the United Nations Summit in 2015/9 and are applied up to 2030.

Under the vow of "leave no one behind," the action plans for humans, the planet and prosperity include "poverty," "health and welfare," "education," "motivation," and "climate." It consists of 17 goals and 169 targets.

The SDGs are universal, not only in developing countries but also in developed countries themselves, and are being actively pursued in Japan.

17 goals of SDGs

17 Sustainable Development Goals "SDGs"
  Sake brewing - SDGs

What are the SDGs that the sake brewing industry is working on?

Sake brewery image
Rice farming image
The sake brewing industry is required to cultivate rice that maintains the natural environment and strengthens the resilience of the region.
In order for the sake brewing industry to achieve the goals of the SDGs, it will be important to "cherish" rice, such as growing rice with a focus on organic fertilizers together with local farmers.In other words, the raison d'être of the sake brewing industry, which plays a central role in regional cooperation, is to make brewed sake from healthy locally grown rice.These efforts will open up a bright and sustainable future for sake brewing.

Three Goals Expected of the Brewing Industry (SDGs Goals)

The sake brewing industry has a lot to do with the procurement of sustainable raw materials, manufacturing that considers the environmental impact, contribution to the community and protection of cultural assets, and there are high expectations for these efforts as guardians of local resources.
SDGs Goal 3
Health and welfare for all

In 2020, the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), an international industry group of alcoholic beverage companies, formulated action guidelines for preventing underage drinking.
This code of conduct requires display at retail stores and indications regarding age limits for drinking alcohol.
SDGs Goal 11
Town development that allows you to continue living

As a sake brewing industry, it is required not only to provide sake, but also to contribute to society by taking root in the region.
It is also expected to contribute to the transition to a low-carbon society, such as by switching from conventional diesel energy to electric energy, while working with local farmers to promote local production for local consumption.
SDGs Goal 12
Responsibility to create Responsibility to use

Environmental protection is a big issue that cannot be avoided for the sake brewing industry that handles alcoholic beverages.
In order to promote a recycling-oriented society such as sustainable management of natural resources, we need to focus on environmentally friendly initiatives such as introducing equipment to improve the recycling rate, actively recycling, and using reusable bottles. is asked.
 KONDO SHUZO CO., LTD. SDGs Initiatives
SDGs that Kondoshuzo is working on
At our company, each and every employee understands the connection between corporate activities and the SDGs and puts them into practice in their daily work.

Initiative 1

Initiative 1
Sophistication of sake brewing process
Realization of high value-added products
Our company manufactures high-grade sake with centrifugal squeezing and achieves high added value. In collaboration with the GunmaMidori-shi Sake Rice Promotion Council, we utilize abandoned farmland. Since 2018, we have been selling Akagisan jummaiginjo “Yamamurasaki”, which is made from cultivated sake rice and completed in Midori-shi.
SDGs Goal 9
SDGs Goal 11
SDGs Goal 12
SDGs Goal 15
SDGs Goal 17

Initiative 2

Initiative 2
Cultivate overseas markets through market-oriented product development
We build networks with overseas exhibitions and overseas customers, and analyze customer needs. We analyze data from a market-in oriented approach to find out what customers say, what they want, and what their problems are, and use it in product development.
SDGs Goal 8
SDGs Goal 9
SDGs Goal 12

Initiative 3

Initiative 3
of local employment
We are contributing to the creation of local employment and the achievement of SDGs with the all-Gunma, all-Midori-shi local sake “Yamamurasaki”.
The sake brewing rice "Maikaze" researched and developed at the Gunma Agricultural Guidance Center was planted in leftover cultivation, and sake was brewed using the "Gunma KAZE yeast" developed at the Prefectural Industrial Technology Center.
The label is "Tanpopo," a work by Tomihiro Hoshino, a poet and painter from the same city.
By building sales channels for these products, we are also contributing to the achievement of SDGs such as eliminating abandoned farmland and creating local employment.
SDGs Goal 1
SDGs Goal 2
SDGs Goal 9
SDGs Goal 11

Initiative 4

Initiative 4
Focused on Diversity,
and Employee Environment Maintenance
We will create a workplace environment where diverse human resources can work comfortably, and realize an attractive workplace where everyone can feel job satisfaction. We will promote the use of paid leave, reduce long working hours, promote the active participation of women, and encourage male employees to take childcare leave.
SDGs Goal 3
SDGs Goal 4
SDGs Goal 5
SDGs Goal 8
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