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Brewery Information

Brewery Information
We will introduce you to the overview of Kondoshuzo, our thoughts on sake brewing, and the environment.

Brewery Overview

Company Name
376-0101 1002, Omamachoomama, Midori-shi, Gunma
CEO Yuichiro Kondo
Business contents
Sake brewery, liquor sales
Opening hours
9:00-17:00 (regular holidays: weekends and national holidays)

Kondoshuzo Information

Kondoshuzo Information
There is famous sake in the land of Sanshi Suimei
Water is one of the most important things in sake brewing.
The tap water in Maebashi City, Akagi Nanrei, is subterranean water from Akagisan, and water drawn from the source is so famous that it is sold locally. It has a slight mineral taste which spreads across the mouth upon drinking.
At Kondoshuzo, which was founded in Meiji 8, we make full use of the climate of Akagisan and its bountiful water to producing our "refined Akagisan," filled with our passion and watched over by the mountain.
The 77th Kanto-shinetsu Sake Awards
Excellence Award - First Place, Awarded in Heisei 18
Annual Japan Sake Awards First Place [13 times] 
  • Heisei:4、5、11、12、15~18、20、24、26、30
  • Reiwa: first year

Please look at them all together

Sake Rice from Midori-shi/Kiryu

Sake Rice from Midori-shi/Kiryu
I want to protect our farmers and hometown
Idle farmland is increasing due to depopulation, labor shortages, and sluggish consumption and prices.
In order to improve, it is necessary to find new demand and value, and establish a system that reconnects with the use of farmland. With this as a local project, we are cultivating sake rice with the aim of "preserving the rich farmland and passing it on to the next generation", making local sake with that sake rice, and striving to revitalize "paddy fields that create added value". In addition, Mr. Tomihiro Hoshino, a poet and painter from Midori-shi, provided us with design drawings, and we are also working on brewing sake that is all Gunma and local Midori-shi.

Midori-shi Information

History of Midori-shi

Watarase Valley Railway
Midori-shi, located in the eastern part of Gunma, is surrounded by 7 cities such as Kiryu City and Nikko City in Tochigi Prefecture, and has many tourist attractions.
Enjoy the beautiful valleys and clear streams of the Watarase River on the "Watarase Valley Railway” and the “Akagane Highway” that prospered with the Ashio Copper Mine.
It is also blessed with a wealth of tourism resources, such as the Iwajuku Ruins, which marked a turning point in Japanese history, the Takatsuto Gorge, which is praised as the "Yabakei Valley of Kanto," and the Tomihiro Museum of Art, which exhibits poetry and paintings by Tomihiro Hoshino. This is Midori-shi.

Sightseeing spots in Midori-shi

Takatsuto Gorge
 Takatsuto Gorge
Nagame Park
 Nagame Park
Tomihiro Hoshino Museum
 Tomihiro Hoshino Museum
Iwajuku Museum
 Iwajuku Museum

Transportation Info/Maps

376-0101 1002, Omamachoomama, Midori-shi, Gunma

 If you come by train
  • Watarase Keikoku Railway: About 5 minutes on foot from Omama Station
  • Tobu Railway, Jomo Electric Railway…About 15 minutes on foot from Akagi Station

 If you come by car
  • Kita Kanto Expressway…About 25 minutes by car from Isesaki Interchange
  • Tohoku Expressway…About 1 hour by car from Sano Fujioka Interchange
Kondoshuzo Co., Ltd.
1002, Omamachoomama, Midori-shi, Gunma
FAX: 0277-73-1603

Sake brewery, liquor sales
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