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Sake Brewing

Sake Brewing
We will guide you through the process of making sake Akagisan and how it is brewed.

How Akagisan is Made

1. Rice Polishing/Washing/Soaking

Rice polishing, washing, soaking
First, the brown rice is polished.
For regular sake, the rice is polished about 65%, and for daiginjo, about 35%.
After that, the white rice is washed with Akagisan underground water to remove the bran and soaked in water.

2. Steaming

steaming work
After draining the white rice, we steam it for 40-60 minutes.

3. Making Koji

Jiuqu making
We spread out the steamed rice, let it cool down, and inoculate it with koji mold.

4. Making Shubo

making shubo
The koji and steamed rice are put into Akagisan underground water and yeast is added to make shubo.

5. Making Moromi

Moromi making
Koji, steamed rice and Akagisan underground water are added to the shubo and fermented for about a month.

6. Extracting

The aged moromi is separated into new sake and sake lees.

7. Pasteurizing

The new sake that has just been separated is cloudy, so it needs to be filtered.
After that, the filtered sake (raw sake) is heat sterilized at around 65℃.

8. Preparation/Blending

After pasteurization, the stored (raw) sake is left to rest for about half a year.
After storage, the sake in several tanks is blended to adjust the quality of the sake.

9. Pasteurization/Bottling

pasteurization and bottling
After further filtration, water is added to adjust the alcohol content.
After being pasteurized again, it is bottled, rapidly cooled and shipped.

Sake Brewing Snapshots

I pray for good sake every year.
Washed rice
First, wash the rice.
Transfer of steamed rice
Move the place to make it easier to spread the steamed rice.
steamed rice
After moving, spread the steamed rice.
Allow the steamed rice to cool.
Moromi making
Let it rest for about 20 days to ferment and make moromi.
Transfer to yeast tank
Move the moromi to the yeast tank.
Sake lees are removed with a squeezing machine.
The final process of pasteurization.
Tasting by Toji
Mr. Ueto tastes the Akagisan that has been made.
After bottling, it is shipped.
Sake Line Up
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