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Akagisan Kiryu-shi product 5 million koku jummai brewing sake from the finest rice 

720 ml of Akagisan jummai brewing sake from the finest rice 5 million koku of release start from Kiryu-shi. 

Use of 5 million koku of Kiryu-shi products jummai brewing sake from the finest rice
I will sell 5 million koku of Akagisan Kiryu-shi products 720 ml.
5 million koku of rice from Kiryu-shi is the products which there is of popularity from the woman whom they use it by 100% and taught it by natural water Gunma cold yeast of the Akagisan.
It is the smooth neat liquor which moderate incense and full-bodied taste matched best.
It is most suitable for thick dishes including the deep-fried food. Or cold; cool it, and please drink.

Retail price 720 ml 1,630 yen (tax-included)

The Akagisan hiyaoroshi book brewing

The Akagisan hiyaoroshi book brewing

720 ml of hiyaoroshi book brewing 1.8 L
The young sake which was squeezed in winter of the severe cold that Akagi lowering played
In a storehouse chilly between the summer that it is made field firing in the early spring, and is hot
I spend it sleeping and deepen the aging.
And now when autumn wind blows at the time of waking!
Is mellow; with full of the taste got a grip and was matured
Please thoroughly enjoy such a "hiyaoroshi".
    The beginning of September release
Price 1.8 L 1,980 yen (tax-excluded)
   720 ml of 980 yen (tax-excluded)
   300 ml of 372 yen (tax-excluded)
Hiyaoroshi 1.8 L 2,178 yen (tax-included)
Hiyaoroshi 720 mL 1,078 yen (tax-included)
Hiyaoroshi 300 ml 409 yen (tax-included)

Akagisan "mountain purple" jummai brewing sake from the finest rice

Used the conformity rice "dance style" of the Akagisan "mountain purple" Midori-shi product; is right the liquor of regional alliances.

Akagi mountain range purple
The refined sake Akagisan jummai brewing sake from the finest rice "mountain purple" of regional alliances birth
It is cancellation ... by the power of ... area in the cultivation abandonment ground
Very beautiful scenery (or it shines on a day, and a mountain looks like purple and the water of the river is clear and is clean)
I named it mountain purple from these words.
I set "a dandelion" to see in a package in rice field of any place.
A poetry image: Tomihiro Hoshino "dandelion"
720 ml 1, 833 yen (tax-included)
※I am sold out as soon as stock disappears for 3,000 limitation.
 For more details, please confirm it in the retail store of the neighborhood.

It is pure mijiu Akagisan "flower purple" particularly

It is the pure mijiu of regional alliances using 5 million koku of Akagisan "flower purple" Kiryu-shi, Gunma products.

It is "5 million koku" of brewing suitable rice from Kiryu-shi, Gunma and pure mijiu using the underflow water of the Akagisan. You enjoy the fragrance of the flower of the jummai, and please thoroughly enjoy taste with the taste slightly. "It might be the big wind that I limited it all day long today on a flower and a day to bloom, and it might rain today". The limited article which incises a unique design and the deep poetry for the depths that poetry painter Tomihiro Hoshino of the Midori-shi native place draws the label on a label.

 720 ml of retail price 1,700 yen (tax-included)
You buy this liquor, and ask the retail store of the dealership directly.
As a number includes a limit, forgive me at the time of sellout.

Akagisan hiyaoroshi jummai

Akagisan hiyaoroshi jummai 720ML

    Retail price 720 ml 1,241 yen (tax-excluded)
By making a low temperature storage (2 degrees Celsius) in a storehouse, and spending a summer
It is the tasteful aged jummai liquor that balance and profit of the flavor were set.
  Akagisan hiyaoroshi jummai
Retail price 720 ml 1,365 yen (tax-included) 

Dry sake bottle "great Sakae Maeda Goro" of limited number of men 

720 ml of liquor hot sake bottle "great Sakae Maeda Goro" of the Akagi woodsman 1,667 yen (tax-excluded)

"Great Sakae Maeda Goro" of Joshu which is famous as "a harmony person of the world" nationwide
By the desire of the Hiroshi Shida distant chief priest of Kongoji (Maebashi-shi, Gunma) that is the family temple
It releases "liquor hot sake bottle University Sakae Maeda Goro of the Akagi woodsman".
In late years while personal name (in history great men) product registration is difficult, longtime time
I spent it and was able to learn product registration.
Before the process chief priest Shida for many years to "the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid"
It greatly contributes that an active activity was accepted.
*The Great East Japan Earthquake charity event holding of the 225th anniversary of the great Sakae Maeda Goro birth
*I often visit Fukushima. For words of "please do not forget Fukushima" said in the occasion
I am touched and am continuing a contribution activity now.
I sympathized with the thought of the chief priest this time and made it in a limited quantity as one of "the reconstruction aid" and reached the release.
(I will donate a part of the sales as money of reconstruction aid to Fukushima through chief priest Shida.)
It is a cup of sake conveying "chivalrous spirit" from the outspoken "great Sakae Maeda Goro" of the man past to the present.

720 ml of Akagisan jummai daiginjo Yukimura Sanada

It releases 720 ml of Akagisan jummai daiginjo Yukimura Sanada.

A collaboration plan with the Sake brewery of the "name famous sake 47 sen" whole country 47 metropolis and districts.
As a Gunma representative, Kondoshuzo made Sanada with the origin of Gunma a motif
It released 720 ml of Akagisan jummai daiginjo "Yukimura Sanada".
A famous admiral, the military commander of each prefectural representative kept on choosing you become the Reiji Matsumoto character
I revive now! The new world of Reiji Matsumoto does curtain raising under the theme of the military commander of the war-torn country.
The quality of liquor is full-bodied taste, liquor with the fragrance by the rice cleaning of 50% of Yamada Nishiki using underflow water of the Akagisan.
Please thoroughly enjoy it.
For more details, please confirm it in a shop.
720 ml of Akagisan jummai daiginjo Yukimura Sanada 
 Retail price 2,000 yen (tax-excluded)
Kondo brewing
1002, Omamachoomama, Midori-shi, Gunma
TEL. 0277-72-2221
FAX. 0277-73-1603

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