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Akagisan "mountain purple" jummai brewing sake from the finest rice

Used a conformity rice "dance style" from Midori-shi, Gunma; is right the liquor of regional alliances.

Akagi mountain range purple
Refined sake Akagisan jummai brewing sake from the finest rice "mountain purple" of regional alliances birth
It is cancellation ... by the power of ... area in the cultivation abandonment ground
Very beautiful scenery (or I shine on a day, and a mountain looks like purple and the water of the river is clear and is clean)
I named it mountain purple from these words.
I set "a dandelion" to see in a package in rice field of any place.
A poetry image: Tomihiro Hoshino "dandelion"
720 ml 1, 667 yen (tax-excluded)
※I am sold out as soon as stock disappears for 3,000 limitation.
 For more details, please confirm it in the retail store of the neighborhood.
You buy this liquor, and ask the retail store of the dealership directly.
As a number includes a limit, forgive me at the time of sellout.

Competition for four season - drink set -

I compete in the drink that can taste the flavor of ... four seasons a little and set it at the four season.
Now on sale!
ContentsAutumn (the purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice), winter (great brewing sake from the finest rice), spring (this special brewing), summer (hot)
Inner capacity*4 180 ml
Price (the total sum)1,800 yen

Akagisan amasake

Akagisan warehouseman koji U.S. use handicraft "amasake"

It releases "amasake" using the Kondoshuzo warehouseman koji rice 720 ml.
Using the brewing sake from the finest rice koji of 60% of rice cleaning, it is over-optimism of profit clear refreshing taste of rice.
It is recommended in the generation when it is wide from the elderly to a child to be said to be a drip to take, and to work for nutrition and invigoration.
Or you cool normal temperature, and please drink.
 Retail price 720 ml 890 yen (tax-included)
When you want it, ask it to the retail store of the neighborhood.

Akagisan bell salmon jummai 

It releases 720 ml of Akagisan bell salmon jummai liquor.
I store the pure mijiu which I squeezed in winter raw and am the namachozo-shu which did field firing in a bottle.
It is the liquor of the low alcohol type that held home brew in check low. It is moderate with over-optimism of profit of rice
It is quality of refreshing liquor which a certain acid matches well.
It is a cool pattern print bottle reflecting the image of summer liquor.
Cold, or cool it, and please drink.
Akagisan bell salmon jummai namachozo-shu 720 ml 1,340 yen (tax-included)

Akagisan jummai sparkling "shalala" 300 ml

Jummai sparkling "salala"

Akagisan jummai sparkling "Salala" release.
The shalala naming origin is ...
The sound of the star to pour into.
I make it from clean water of a famous place, the Akagisan of the star carefully.
As for the bubble to go up, it is blessed the star.
Please enjoy the clear taste.
300 ml of 620 yen (tax-included)
Kondo brewing
1002, Omamachoomama, Midori-shi, Gunma
TEL. 0277-72-2221
FAX. 0277-73-1603

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