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Turn down Akagisan centrifugal separation; a jummai daiginjo black hinoki

Turn down centrifugal separation; 720 ml of jummai daiginjo black hinoki (kurobi) Akagisan

The centrifugal separation system is an epoch-making method to let liquor and refuse separate from unrefined sake with centrifugal force of 3,000 rounds for one minute.
Because it is not pressurized to squeeze it, it becomes the liquor of the natural highest quality such as the drop liquor.
The use rice polishes rice with "Yamada Nishiki" to 35% of the highest peak and I let you separate with a centrifuge and am the bottle ultimate jummai daiginjo which I did.
As it becomes the extremely precious liquor of 200 limitation, how about to a present?
720 ml of list price 12,223 yen (tax-included)

180 ml of canned Akagisan aluminum jummai liquor

Canned Akagisan jummai liquor 180 ml aluminum release.

Canned Akagisan jummai liquor 180 ml aluminum was released.
I go berserk with body, and o is the liquor that I drink and die out and am excellent which I had.
It becomes the limited collaboration product with "Gunma" this time.
For more details, please confirm it to a shop. It is the product which is most suitable for souvenirs.
 Retail price 180 ml 278 yen (tax-excluded)

Akagisan jummai sparkling "shalala" 300 ml

Jummai sparkling "salala"

Akagisan jummai sparkling "Shalala" release.
The shalala naming origin is ...
The sound of the pouring star.
I make it from clean water of a famous place, the Akagisan of the star carefully.
As for the bubble to go up, it is blessed the star.
Please enjoy the clear taste.
300 ml of 575 yen (tax-excluded)

Akagisan amasake

Akagisan warehouseman koji U.S. use handicraft "amasake"

It releases "amasake" using the Kondoshuzo warehouseman koji rice 900 ml.
Using the brewing sake from the finest rice koji of 60% of rice cleaning, it is over-optimism of profit clear refreshing taste of rice.
It is recommended in the generation when it is wide from the elderly to a child to be said to be a drip to take, and to work for nutrition and invigoration.
Or you cool normal temperature, and please drink.
 Retail price 900 ml 900 yen (tax-excluded)
When you want it, ask it to the retail store of the neighborhood.

Competition for four season - drink set -

I compete in the drink that can taste the flavor of ... four seasons a little and set it at the four season.
Now on sale!
ContentsAutumn (jummai brewing sake from the finest rice), winter (daiginjo), spring (this special brewing), summer (hot)
Inner capacity*4 180 ml
Price (tax-excluded)
1,800 yen
You buy this liquor, and ask the retail store of the dealership directly.
As a number includes a limit, forgive me at the time of sellout.

Dry sake bottle "great Sakae Maeda Goro" of limited number of men 

720 ml of liquor hot sake bottle "great Sakae Maeda Goro" of the Akagi woodsman 1,667 yen (tax-excluded)

"Great Sakae Maeda Goro" of Joshu which is famous as "a harmony person of the world" nationwide
By the desire of the Hiroshi Shida distant chief priest of Kongoji (Maebashi-shi, Gunma) that is the family temple
It releases "liquor hot sake bottle size Sakae Maeda Goro of the Akagi woodsman".
In late years while personal name (in history great men) product registration is difficult, longtime time
I spent it and was able to learn product registration.
Before the process chief priest Shida for many years to "the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid"
It greatly contributes that an active activity was accepted.
*The Great East Japan Earthquake charity event holding of the 225th anniversary of the great Sakae Maeda Goro birth
*I often visit Fukushima. For words of "please do not forget Fukushima" said in the occasion
I am touched and am continuing a contribution activity now.
I sympathized with the thought of the chief priest this time and made it in a limited quantity as one of "the reconstruction aid" and led to release.
(I contribute a part of the sales as money of reconstruction aid to Fukushima through chief priest Shida.)
It is a cup of sake conveying "chivalrous spirit" from the outspoken "great Sakae Maeda Goro" of the man past to the present. Ask the retail store of the neighborhood about the purchase.

720 ml of Akagisan jummai daiginjo Yukimura Sanada

It releases 720 ml of Akagisan jummai daiginjo Yukimura Sanada.

A collaboration plan with the Sake brewery of the "name famous sake 47 sen" whole country 47 metropolis and districts.
As a Gunma representative, Kondoshuzo made Sanada with the origin of Gunma a motif
It released 720 ml of Akagisan jummai daiginjo "Yukimura Sanada".
A famous admiral, the military commander of each prefectural representative kept on choosing you become the Reiji Matsumoto character
I revive now! The new world of Reiji Matsumoto does curtain raising under the theme of the military commander of the war-torn country.
The quality of liquor is full-bodied taste, liquor with the fragrance by the rice cleaning of 50% of Yamada Nishiki using underflow water of the Akagisan.
Please thoroughly enjoy it.
For more details, please confirm it in a shop.
720 ml of Akagisan jummai daiginjo Yukimura Sanada 
 Retail price 2,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Particularly with daiginjo Annual Japan Sake Awards; praised it.

Special daiginjo

Particularly with daiginjo Akagisan in Annual Japan Sake Awards 2019; praised it. I will perform more company effort in future.
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TEL. 0277-72-2221
FAX. 0277-73-1603

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